A word from Doctor David Turbay, M.D.


I want to identify and correct your established cardiovascular problems.  I also want to prevent any progression of your underlying cardiovascular problems so you can have a longer, healthier lifespan.  My clinic can provide the most up-to-date care available, even for those who have been diagnosed with advanced heart failure.  Our clinic offers many on-site diagnostic tests for patient convenience, and so I can rapidly review your results.  Health care is a collaboration between the doctor and the patient, and I want to work with you and your family to consider your goals, your cost concerns, and other important factors, so that together we can give you more heartbeats in your lifetime.






Dr. Turbay's Credentials Include:


Board Certified in Internal Medicine


Board Certified in Nuclear Cardiology


Board Certified in Cardiology


Board Certified in Advanced Heart Failure Therapies


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